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Hippocrates, the founder of medicine, emphasized the importance of holistic health in his philosophy. Holistic health includes gross ailments involving physical health, and subtle ailments involving emotional and mental effects of illnesses. We believe that a right mix of technology and knowdge play a major role in bringing these effects and hence we empower businesses, communities and Individuals to create that balance usingour services and technology.


Cellula is an all-encompassing platform that blends ageless wisdom and advanced technologies to deliver eco-friendly products and finest service to buisnesses, communities and individuals across the globe. Cellula inspires a high-quality, healthy and sustainable living instilling a balance of mind, body and soul.



Empower and enable businesses and masses pursue holistic health and sustainable lifestyle.


To be earth’s most trustworthy and quality focused digital health platform providing best in class services and eco-friendly products to improve the quality of life of our customers.



Cellula and domains & is owned by Coshika Enterprise Life Laboratory Pvt. Ltd. with its registered office in Bangalore, India. Cellula is a digital healthcare service and product platform with a progressive approach. We aspire to serve the global market with our extensive network and advanced digital technology. Progressive partnerships with service providers and suppliers are core to our business. Our seven core values, Customer Centricity, Empowerment, Leadership, Learning, Utility, Local and Accountability are essential elements of all we do. We aspire to build up a strong reputation with an extensive service and product portfolio, global reach, unmatched quality and commitment to improving quality of life of our customers.


Customers             Our customers are smart, awake and                                       precious. We love delighting them.

Empowerment      We believe in power! We are driven by                                     the power of our customers,                                                     employees and partners.

Leadership            Our leaders are not in suits, they are                                         at all levels.

Learning                We love to learn, evolve, adopt and                                          learn again, the cycle is vicious.

Utility                     Utility is the principal we live in.

Local                      We are a click away, always.

Accountability       We are accountable to our customers,                                     to our employees and to everything                                         we do and we mean it.

Meet the Team

We are team of paasionate healthcare enthusiast who want to bring chnage through a right mix of technology, passion and empowerment

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