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Cancellation/Refund Policy

Return Policy

A customer who has ordered a product through Cellula, and finds that the product falls short of expectations, may choose to return the product.

At the time of placing the order, the customer is informed on whether the product is eligible for return and/or refund. Some products may not be eligible for return and this is made known at the time of placing the order itself.

Criteria for Return

The product can be returned if it was delivered damaged, had any parts or pieces missing, were found to be defective and not functioning as expected.

IF the delivered product was found to be different when compared to the product description or published on our portal, then too it is eligible for return.

In some cases, the product delivery could be delayed due to certain circumstances and here the customer may choose to cancel the order. This qualifies as a return if the product has already been dispatched from the vendor.

Some products would be indicated a non-returnable and this includes the case of customer oversight due to it being an incorrect model or the colour of product ordered being wrong or in some extreme cases, the wrong product has been ordered.

Return Window

We at Cellula aim to delight our customers and so we do honour the request to return a product within a stipulated time period from the date of delivery.

Customers can return a product within 07calendar days from date of delivery, provided of course, that the vendor supports the return of the product.

Pick Up of a Returning Product

Prior to the return being processed, a few things are validated. These are:

-        The order id is matching the product being returned

-        A check as to whether return is eligible

-        Product has the original packaging, accessories, manuals

-        The type of damage being cited and the likely cause while in possession by the customer

-        Product is in full working condition, provided that is not the reason it is being returned

-        Health and beauty products, Medical devices, medicines and related products are never eligible for return.

In some cases, additional information may be sought from the customer before a return is processed.

Grievance Handling

In case of any clarifications or dispute regarding the terms of return, we can be reached at:

+91 7727985908

Refund Policy

When a customer initiates a return, which is found to be eligible, the options available are to either get a refund or a replacement of the product.

When a customer chooses to avail of a refund, the amount is issued back to the customer through the original payment method only, assuming it has been pre-paid.

Since Cash-On-Delivery is currently unavailable, a refund for such purchases is not an option that can be currently exercised. When it does become available, the refund would be done to a bank account as provided by the customer.

The amount to be refunded will be done through the very same payment channel that was used to place and confirm the order. For example, payment done through net banking will be refunded to the account that was used for the transaction and no other means.

While Cellula may initiate the refund promptly, there is a possibility that the banking channels may induce a delay, hence a disclaimer always applies that the refund will arrive as per the payment channel used. Refund is never provided in cash.

The refund timelines for the different channels are provided here:

Payment Channel

Refund Timeline


Credit Card/ Debit Card

3 to 5 business days

In case the card has become invalid, the amount will be refunded through NEFT after customer provides the required account details.

Net Banking

3 to 5 business days

UPI Linked accounts/ Digital Wallets

2 to 4 business days

Cash (for cash on Delivery orders)

8 to 10 business days

Will be refunded to a bank account as provided by customer. Currently this option is disabled due to COVID

Cheque Payment (for pay on delivery orders)

10 to 12 business days

In the event that the refund does not reach in the timeframe indicated, please contact us through the grievance handling contact as provide on this page.


When a customer chooses to make a return of any product, one of the options available is to request for a replacement of that product. While the return criteria are still applicable for this as well, the replacement of the product can only be done if:

-        The original product is returned in proper and acceptable condition

-        Replacement requested is for the same type and specification of the product originally ordered. For example, a customer can request for a yoga mat of different size if the original piece had smaller dimensions. A yoga mat cannot be replaced with wind chimes!

-        The vendor has the requested replacement product available which can be shipped in a reasonable amount of time

Reference Listing for Return/Refund

Product Category

Return Possible?

Refund Possible?

Women’s Products

o Organic Jewellery

o Skin Care

o Body Care

o Fragrances

o Hair Care

o Cosmetics

o Face Care



- Health Care Products


Return criteria need to be met

Yes (limited)

- Organic or Animal Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Organic Clothing

- Organic Baby Care

Organic Groceries

Home Organics


Return criteria need to be met


- Eco Friendly Home Products

- Eco Friendly Stationaries


Return criteria need to be met


Vegan- Non-Leather Products

Sports Wears- Cloths, Shoes,


Return criteria need to be met



- Health Equipment

Electronics- Limited to Health and Wellness Segments


Return criteria need to be met


- Handicrafts

- Ayurveda Products

- Books


Return criteria need to be met


Nutrition and Supplements (Vegetarian Origin only)


Return criteria need to be met


Products from Non-Profit Organizations



Recycled / Upcycled



Pharmacy products and prescription medicines



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