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Cellula's corporate is one of the fastest growing organization in corporate health, Digital health solution and at home healing wellbeing program is a businesses' methodology towards accomplishing a sound work environment by joining different wellbeing exercises inside the every day work timetable to advance their representatives' prosperity. This essentially adopts an all encompassing strategy towards the strength of representatives by making an administrative wellbeing society.

Our Offering

App Based Gamified Process

  • Employee Connects

  • Share Stories

  • Challenges

  • Leaderboards

Measurable Impact

  • Inbuilt Tools

  • Trackers 

  • Monthly reporting

  • Org Dashboarding

High Engagement

  • Live sessions

  • Diversified activities

  • On primise

  • Webinars

Pre Employement Checkups

  • Health Screening 

  • Home Sample Collection

  • Reporting

  • Health Recommendation

Health Delivered

  • Holistic Health care

  • Doctor On Line

  • e Pharmacy

  • Health Checks

Health Events

  • On premises 

  • Mental Health Sessions

  • Health Webinars    

  • Life Coaching

Cost Effective Reporting
PAN India Network


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