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Treat Your Feet With Aromatherapy Booties

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

While they might sound silly to the uninitiated, aromatherapy booties are quickly becoming one of the most popular items on the rest and relaxation market.

Designed for the purpose of letting you unwind from your hectic day and pamper your feet that have worked just as hard as you have, these booties could very well be a trend that’s here to stay. As the heat from the booties takes your feet to a level of heaven, the scent coming from the aromatherapy will dazzle your sense and take you to another world. A world of relaxation and peace far, far away from the busy schedules and constant cacophony of a twenty-first century life.

So, you may be asking yourself, what exactly are aromatherapy booties? Well, they’re quite a simple and ingenious invention, and are just about what you would think they are from the name. You simply take these small booties and slap them in the microwave for about half a minute to a minute. The heat they exude from this should awaken the senses in your feet, but that’s not even the best part. The heat also draws out the natural essential oils from the booties and puts the aromatherapy to work. So, while you’re relaxing after a hard day at work, not only do you get to pamper your feet, but you get to enjoy the soothing scents of natural aromas. If you’re a victim of dry feet, you can enhance the booties by rubbing some lotion into the product before putting them on.

If you feel like you would rather have a moister experience, you can take a spray bottle and work the booties over with some water before putting them in for their microwave time. This will moisten the booties and create an altogether different experience when you wear them. Not only can that, but the addition of the water help to lengthen the life of the booties. This is because the water actually helps to preserve the state of the oils in the booties, and lengthening the time the aromatherapy works.

The next time you come home from a hard day at work and put your feet up, think about how much of your tension and aches emanates from your feet. This will be particularly true if you work a job that requires standing or walking for great lengths of time. If your feet are a constant source of stress, you might think about trying these aromatherapy booties, and seeing what a difference they can make.

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